A Death in Washington: Walter G. Krivitsky and the Stalin by Gary Kern

By Gary Kern

This is the 1st ebook to recuperate all unique records published via the British records in 2002 and by way of the FBI, finishing the author's ten-year study.

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23 His affiliation at this time is hard to fix and may have been fluid. From the very beginning, Soviet foreign intelligence developed along two lines that sometimes duplicated and crisscrossed each other. Shortly after the Bolshevik coup d’état in October 1917, Vladimir Lenin appointed Feliks Dzerzhinsky to head the Chrezvychainnaya komissiya (Extraordinary Commission), or Cheka, to safeguard the so-called revolution with spying, coercion and terror. Its foreign arm was the Inostrannyi otdel (Foreign Department), or INO, which remained a permanent fixture within the successive reorganizations of the no longer “extraordinary” commission—the OGPU, GPU, NKVD, and KGB.

1899–1941. 2. Stalin, Joseph, 1879–1953. 3. Soviet Union. Obçdinennoe gosudarstvennoe politicheskoe upravlenie. 4. Defectors—Soviet Union—Biography. 5. Military intelligence—Soviet Union—Biography. 6. Spies—Soviet Union—Biography. 7. Soviet Union—Politics and government. I. West, Nigel. II. Title. 1247/0092 B In memory of Helen Bates Yakobson and those evening classes at GWU after Sputnik. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction by Nigel West Abbreviations and Terms Preface to the Paperback Edition PART I The Killing Machine: Lies, Torture and Execution (June 1899–October 1937) 1.

The Adventures of Shmelka Ginsberg 23. Aliens 24. The Fantastic Falsehood 25. The Committee, the Crook and Cultural Freedom 26. Empowerment and Expulsion 27. In Transit 28. In His Majesty’s Service 29. The Life of a File 30. Promotion to No. 1 PART IV End of the Line: Hope, Despair and Suicide (November 1940–February 1941) 31. Homo Sovieticus 32. In Search of a Good Chicken Farm 33. Last Visits 34. Last Days 35. A Botched Job 36. Who Killed Krivitsky? 37. The Suicide Notes 38. The Impossible Suicide PART V Aftermath (February 1941–February 1996) 39.

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