A Grand Origin for Grand Canyon by Michael Oard

By Michael Oard

The writer presents an intensive assessment of the starting place of 1 of the Earth’s most famed icons, Grand Canyon. mentioning abundant geomorphological facts, he attributes the canyon’s formation to occasions that happened close to the tip of the Noachian Flood. He exhibits that sooner than the canyon itself might have been eroded, hundreds of thousands of ft of strata have been got rid of by way of tremendous sheet erosion. Then he develops the speculation that the canyon was once quickly carved by way of late-Flood channelized erosion. Oard additionally cites proof which demonstrates that the evolutionists’ uniformitarian rules are very faraway from delivering passable reasons. He additionally examines many of the creationist hypotheses, together with the dam-breach speculation, and reveals all of them to be wanting.

This e-book, to be had purely as an book, is written to the extent of well-educated laypersons, and is seriously referenced to supply substance should you are extra technically orientated. There are a few 134 figures unfold all through its anticipated 328 pages.

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At first we might be placing the puzzle pieces in the wrong spot. But hopefully, with more information (puzzle pieces that fit together) we can place all the puzzle pieces into the correct positions. After a while, with repeated evaluation of new data, one hypothesis should appear much more likely than do others. But even then, the best we can hope for is a reasonable hypothesis related to the past. Unfortunately, all historical hypotheses remain tentative. 24 I have found that after piecing together the clues (data), the origin of Grand Canyon by late-Flood channelized runoff is currently the most satisfying hypothesis.

Diagram of the Grand Staircase north of Grand Canyon, showing the five prominent cliffs (stairs)which have been formed by erosion. The slope of the sedimentary rocks is north to north-northeast at less than 3 degrees. Vertical exaggeration is 5:1 (drawn by Peter Klevberg). , How was Grand Canyon eroded? A. (editor), Grand Canyon – Monument to Catastrophism, pp. 83–110, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, TX, 1994. , Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories, and Mystery, Grand Canyon Association, Grand Canyon, AZ, 2005.

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