A study of war, vol. 1 by Quincy Wright

By Quincy Wright

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In some instances their present culture may be a degeneration from a higher civilization. , The third or historic stage began in the Valleys of the Nile and Euphrates, six or perhaps even ten thousand years ago, in the valleys of the Indus and Yellow rivers four or five thousand years ago, and in Peru and Mexico perhaps three or four thousand years ago. Whether S. Zuckerman (Fmutional Affiliations of Man, Monkey and Apes [New York, 1933], p. 156); W. T. Hornaday (The Minds and Manners of Wild Anilnals [New York, 1922], pp.

12 "Alliance," "entente," "friendship," "strained relations," and "breach" are words for other international attitudes. 13 Defense, reprisals, military expeditions, pacifications, insurrections, police action, and executions usually involve smaller quantities of violence. SCOPE AND ORGANIZATION OF THE STUDY I3 beyond a certain threshold producing a new situation which law and opinion recognize as war. Combining the four points of view, war is seen to be a state of law and a form of conflict involving a high degree of legal equality, of hostility, and of violence in the relations of organized human groups; or, more simply, the legal condition which equally permits two or more hostile groups to carryon a conflict by armed force.

Polybius wrote: X Some idea of a whole may be got from a part, but an accurate knowledge and clear comprehension can-not. ' What, then, is a history of war as a whole? Consideration of the meaning of history and the meaning of war may suggest the answer. 1. MEANING OF HISTORY The word "history" means, on the one hand, the happenings in a given time and space or during the life of a given whole and, on the other hand, a written or oral presentation of such of those happen. ings as are deemed important to a comprehension of the period or the whole dealt with.

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