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Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks Principles Protocols and Applications

Advert Hoc cellular instant Networks: rules, Protocols, and functions deals the newest strategies, ideas, and aid concerning the layout and function of advert hoc instant networks. This publication provides the basics of instant networks, overlaying Bluetooth, IrDA, HomeRF, WiFi, WiMax, instant net, and cellular IP.

Sams Teach Yourself TCP IP in 24 Hours (2nd Edition)

In exactly 24 consultation of 1 hour or much less, you are going to grasp the interior workings of TCP/IP. every one lesson builds upon prior classes for a technical but refreshingly obtainable journey of the stylish protocol suite on the starting place of the web. @Headline = tips on how to. .. .@Bullet1 = determine and describe protocols at every one layer of the TCP/IP stack@Bullet2 = Use routers and gateways@Bullet3 = paintings with IP addresses@Bullet4 = Subnet TCP/IP networks@Bullet5 = and extra.

Understanding LDAP (IBM Redbook)

Light-weight listing entry Protocol (LDAP) is a fast-growing expertise for having access to universal listing info. LDAP has been embraced and carried out in such a lot network-oriented middleware. As an open, vendor-neutral typical, LDAP presents an extendable structure for centralized garage and administration of data that should be on hand for modern-day disbursed structures and prone.

Advanced QoS for multi-service IP/MPLS networks

Complicated QoS for Multi-Service IP/MPLS Networks is the definitive consultant to caliber of carrier (QoS), with finished information regarding its positive factors and advantages. discover a good theoretical and useful evaluate of ways QoS will be carried out to arrive the company ambitions outlined for an IP/MPLS community.

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