American Boys Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols by Daniel Carter Beard

By Daniel Carter Beard

Иллюстрированная Энциклопедия знаков, сигналов, жестов и символов.

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STEAMBOAT A 132. steamboat. ) Fig. 132H. t Submarine. ) 133 184 A a rORL-5" A Fig. 133. T"R F F tree, tree, rude form of with a shadow. ) Fig. 134. Three trees with two over them, sign of a forest. ) A STONE. Fig. 135. A stone. ) and are thereand it has been found convenient to place them on this list where they more properly belong then they do among the animals. Although trees and vegetation have life fore not inanimate objects, they are motionless CHAPTER XII SIGNS OF THE ELEMENTS MAP OR PlCTTTREGRAPH SlGNS OF FlRE, AlR, WATER, EARTH, WlND, RAIN- BOW, SEA, LAKE AND OCEAN, THUNDER, LIGHTNING AND THE FOUR WINDS OF THE EARTH THESE signs include fire, air, and water, and like celestial Red men.

S. ) Fourth A continuous sounding with any fog signal rel, oil Third barre land so forth. Rockets or apparatus. (U. S. shells (U. S. ) EMERGENCY SIGNALS WITH BOMBS (OR OTHER EXPLOSIVE), SMALL ARMS, OR THE NATIONAL ENSIGN A riot, general attention or alarm signal, indicating attack, conflagration, or other emergency, will be made by SIGNS, SIGNALS 42 AND SYMBOLS sound signals, when authorized as previously indicated, by one discharge of a cannon, rifle, pistol or smoke bomb by day, followed by a red rocket at half-minute intervals.

Keep your eyes on the f^ - . let ' ten fingers of the pickpockets. S. ) Fig. 47. 2 on 10, sometimes used verbally, same as Fig. 46. ) AORiMtHAs Fig. 48. Warning. D recently not a safe place. ) JL 49 V BE PREPARED TOD T N D YOUR LR MERE.. It Warning. may Fig. 49. be necessary to defend yourself. ) Fig. 50. Warning. Look out for gunmen. ) Fig. 51. Destruction. DE F UC * -|7o N \ it is Used on indicate house or bridge map which has been destroyed. (J. B. ) A BLOW, /\ KICK: A\ Fig. 52. this Warning.

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